Basement Budget Option DIY ...
We do the hard part, you do the rest.

Budget Basement Option...DIY...
We do the hard part, you do the rest.

For those who want help on the harder parts of their basement remodeling and would like to do the part they have time and talent for and can comfortably do to stay in a budget on their basement remodel.

Completely finishing your basement can be an expensive proposition. We are happy to announce a less-costly alternative. We will complete the project from…Framing to drywall finish (ready to paint) and you can do the rest. We can add in the trim if you like. The cost savings can be substantial! Please give us a call at 913-440-4564 or Complete the form below.

"Empire Basement Solutions were courteous, on time, helpful and cleaned up after the work was finished for the day"...John C.

"Empire Remodeling KC's crew did an excellent job remodeling our kitchen. The quality was excellent, the price was fair and there were no extra charges on the job except what we decided to add later. They finished the job our job on time. We recommend Empire Remodeling KC to anyone looking for quality work."...Brittany & Matt M.

If you are planning to finish some or most of the project with your own time and talent, Empire Basement Solutions can complete the more complicated parts for you. Many folks like to do a lot of projects on their own time for the sheer pleasure of it and to reduce their costs. When you split the work between you and our contractors, you can take advantage of our budget option, available to our customers who need high quality basement finishing in Kansas City. We are more than happy to assist you with any phase of your project that you would rather leave to our professional craftsmen. Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our design consultants and get your project underway!