Here Is How To Finish Your Basement Yourself On A Budget
how to finish your basement yourself

Most importantly, get a great new space at an affordable rate and more room for you and your family to start enjoying when you are finished.

Basement Finish Budget Option

1) Our professionals will do the hard part making sure your basement is code-compliant and finished ready for you to do your part.

2) Complete your part on your own timeline.

3) Reduce your basement finishing cost.

4) More control over your options.  Now you have the time to shop for materials on sale and shop close-outs to save you even more money.

5) Get a clear vision on how to proceed.

6) Reduced stress. 

7) Quicker completion time than doing it all by yourself.

8) Ask us about using our Trim Labor Resources after you are finished.

Here's what we'll take care of:

This is the hard part we keep talking about!

1) DESIGN / Work with you to create a design and give basement finishing ideas.

2) FLOOR PLAN / Generate a basement floor-plan drawing that can be used to pull permits.

3) PERMITS / Pull the pertinent permits for everything through drywall finish.

4) INSPECTIONS / Schedule and conduct inspections through drywall finish.

5) FRAMING / Frame your basement project.

6) PLUMBING / Rough-in all plumbing.

7) ELECTRICAL / Rough-in all electrical.

8) HVAC / Rough-in all HVAC.

9) INSULATION / Insulate and fire-blocking your project.

10) DRYWALL / Hang, tape, sand and finish drywall ready to paint.

11) TEXTURE / Spray knock-down texture on basement ceiling.

We will trim your basement finish too, if you would like to include that in your project.

Need some guidance to help finish your project? Keep reading.....

Basement Floorplan Kansas City

We'll create a floor plan.

We'll do the basement framing.

We'll do the basement rough-in plumbing.

We'll do the basement rough-in electrical.

Is This You?

You'd really like to finish your basement, but...

1) It's not in your budget to hire a licensed-contractor for a finished basement.

2) Just don't know where to begin.

3) Don't have the skill-set to DIY the whole project.

4) Don't have the time to do all the work yourself.

5) You don't know or understand the code requirements.

If so, The Budget Option a is great solution!

We'll do the basement rough-in HVAC.

We'll do the basement insulation.

We'll do the basement drywall.

Why Consider The Budget Option:

Here is a practical answer to your problem:

1) We'll work with you to get you a great design and develop a plan.

2) We'll do the hard part (everything through drywall finish) to get you moving.

3) You'll save a bunch over what a full contractor finish would cost.

4) You'll reduce a substantial amount of time over a complete DIY project.

5) You can finish the project at your own pace, in your own budget.

At the end of the day you'll have a great place for you and your family!

Katie M. -- Overland Park, KS

These guys were awesome and the Budget Option proved to a be a lifesaver for us. We really needed the space for our growing kids and just didn't have the money to make it work. We really didn't think we would ever get this done. Thank you sooo much!

Katie and Josh

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