Empire Remodeling KC Kitchens, Basements, and Bath Remodeling
Paint Finish Basics
When it comes to remodeling, we tend to think of paint as a fairly standardized finishing touch. We plan the[...]
A Quick Guide to Shower Niches
If you have read some of our other blog posts, you will know that we strive to recommend simple ways[...]
Five Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your Home Office
Though small in size, a home office can be one of the more important areas of your house. It can[...]
Six Mistakes to Avoid While Remodeling Your Bathroom
So you want to remodel your bathroom. That's great. Now's your chance to create your dream design. But before you[...]
Six Basement Lighting Options for Your Basement
When it comes to basement lighting, there are more options now than ever. It wasn’t long ago that recessed can[...]
Must Have features for a Family-Friendly Basement
While we do remodels for all types of people, many of our clients have been families. A custom basement remodel[...]

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