New Smartphone Technology Could Aid in Home Remodeling Projects


A new smartphone that can sense depth, measure distances, and map three-dimensional areas could soon revolutionize home remodeling as we know it.

At a recent industry conference in San Francisco, tech company Lenovo unveiled its new smartphone, the Phab2Pro, which is set to launch in September. The phone utilizes a Google-developed sensor technology called Tango that uses four separate phone cameras to make screen-captured 3D plans of rooms — the perfect tool for anyone considering projects like basement finishing, bathroom renovation, or kitchen remodeling.

While apps for the phone are still in development, the technology will allow users to play with settings on the pictures to test out different features, like wall colors, furniture arrangements, or floor paneling, all within the photographs.

“It is a device that truly understands our surroundings and augments our reality,” said Lenovo CEO Yuanqing Yang.

In a move that shows Lenovo’s commitment to the remodeling market, the Phab2Pro phones will be sold in Lowe’s home improvement stores as well as Best Buy online. The executive director of Lowe’s Innovation Labs, Kyle Nel, says the phone is a prime way for remodelers to envision their new home before making the big leap of hiring a contractor.

“We see this as a way to engage people and make their lives easier,” said Nel.

The phone’s screen will be bigger than the average smartphone, but Lenovo believes that will only benefit consumers as they utilize its new features. “We made an early investment in something we really believe in,” said Lenovo vice president Jeff Meredith. “This is a strategic play for Lenovo.”

With so many possibilities and decisions to make, remodeling projects can be both a stressful and costly investment for many homeowners. In the end, though, most find a remodel to be worth it, both aesthetically and financially. Even relatively small kitchen remodeling projects see an average 82.7% return on investment, while bathroom additions can have an even higher 86.4% ROI.

With Lenovo’s new Tango-equipped smartphones, some hesitant would-be remodelers might finally gain the confidence they need to make decisions and move ahead with their projects. Some 60% of homeowners say they plan to remodel their master bathrooms. Soon enough, they can work to make those dreams a reality with the help of a cell phone.

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