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Though we’re known for our basements, we’re also one of the top kitchen remodeling companies in the Kansas City area.

From the simplest of projects to the high-end custom remodeling projects, Empire Remodeling KC has the right solutions for you. You want professional advice on which designs line up with your available space, budget, and lifestyle. We can do that. We have highly skilled design experts who will leave no stone unturned in making sure you are happy. They will assist you with the products you select and work with your project manager to ensure that everything is ordered to meet the specifications of the job.

Basement Kitchen Remodel Kansas City 11-1-20

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We can prepare a quote for you within your budget once all the costs of materials and labor are taken into consideration. Our only concern is that you get a remodeling experience that can’t be beat by any of our competitors. If at any time you need to adjust the materials you choose, due to cost or change in color, we will work with you the best we can to accommodate your project goals.

Our design experts will discuss your project needs and evaluate how we can help you convert your remodeling vision into a finished project.

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What Do We Offer In The Way Of Kitchen Remodeling?

We offer everything from floor to ceiling. If you are looking for kitchen cabinets, we will show you all of the options that will fit your budget and guide you in making the best decision. We offer pre-made cabinets on the lower end and custom built cabinets on the higher end. We have pre-stained and custom stained cabinets from which to choose. Tell us what you want in wood and finish tone, and we will make it happen. Our expert craftsmen put the same care and precision into their work regardless of the scope of the job. If it’s countertops that you’re looking for, we can install basic materials and styles on the lower-end cost, and custom made granite or concrete countertops on the higher end.

At Empire Remodeling KC, we also carry some of the most versatile designs in kitchen faucets. From traditional styles to the sleek and modern, we have great quality and great looking kitchen faucets.

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