Must Have features for a Family-Friendly Basement


While we do remodels for all types of people, many of our clients have been families. A custom basement remodel can create a whole new space for your family to hang out, eat, work out, and play games in. Beyond the practical use, a finished family-friendly basement can add significant value to your home.

Where should you start? Each remodel is customized to fit each client’s needs, but here are some basic features we recommend.

If you have kids, we recommend carpet in at least part of the basement. You may be picturing the cheap, thin, scratchy basement carpet from your childhood, but there are plenty of carpets now that are both strong and soft to the touch. Many of our clients choose to install carpet in the largest section of the basement and tile in the area occupied by the wet bar.

When families imagine their finished basement, they often think of the TV area. It’s literally like getting a brand new second living room. Besides being a fun place to gather and visit, it can create an entertainment alternative for visitors or children. Video game setups are also a fun way to use this space. And let’s not forget decoration. A den area is a perfect place to display sports trophies or other items you don’t want to show off in your main living room. 

Wet Bar
While a simple dry bar or counter might work for some families, we recommend a full wet bar with storage. This will make the space ideal for movie nights, get-togethers, and watching sports. For the adults, we can add wine storage or a space to install a mini fridge. Floating shelves can be installed above for small appliances and food storage.

Kitchen Island
If you expect more than a few people in your basement, a kitchen island is a must. Though sometimes we make these smaller than the versions that go in regular kitchens, the idea is the same. We can use a variety of materials like marble, granite, and quartz, and it can be sized to fit the space. Beyond the obvious use of prepping and displaying food, an island can be used for other activities like board games.

Feature Wall
Feature walls can be fun for the whole family. If you have small children, you can consider a marker board wall or a chalkboard. There’s paint for both of these options, and adults can enjoy them too. You can also use this wall for a cartoon mural or tribute to your favorite sports team. This is an inexpensive way to add some life to a room.

Recreation/workout area
If your kids are older, or if you don’t have them, the largest part of the basement can be used as a recreation or workout section. Home gyms, treadmills, or yoga spaces are a few options. On the recreation side, this is your opportunity to set up a pool or air hockey table. If this is how you choose to use the large section of your basement, consider a more solid surface like luxury vinyl tile (LVT).

However you choose to use your basement, it’s a good idea to make a plan ahead of time. Some decisions can be made down the line, but having a complete plan makes things easier on your contractor and your family.

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