Four Great Decorative Basement Wall Ideas


Since a basement isn’t your main living space, it’s an opportunity for fun design and decoration choices. One trend that’s grown in popularity over the last few years is the idea of a decorative wall. While there’s no set rules of what and where a decorative wall should be, it’s typically a smaller section of wall next to a wet bar, fireplace, or entertainment center. In other words, most finished basements include an area ideal for one.

Here are five ideas for your basement decorative wall. Or you could just install a giant mirror for a trip back to the 1970s.


If country chic is your vibe or you’re a fan of Chip and Joanna Gaines, you’re surely aware of shiplap. The wooden board wall, often made of reclaimed planks, comes painted in a single color or varied in shade and weathering (see one of our projects above). It gives the room a nice compromise between modern and traditional. It’s affordable and fairly easy to install with grooves usually in the top and bottom to create a tight fit.

Be careful, though. Too much shiplap, especially dark shiplap, can make your space look like a grill and bar. To maximize the effect, we recommend using a smaller area with high quality planks. Although installation is fairly straightforward, we recommend hiring a professional.

Brick or Stone

Installing a brick or stone wall is the most expensive out of these options. It’s also the most difficult to install. Another downside is that it’s super permanent and presents a surface that makes it difficult to hang photos and other decorations.

On the upside, it absolutely creates a statement. A well-constructed stone wall instantly makes a room feel important and substantial. And there are multiple options for different decorating styles. A lighter-colored stacked stone can give your basement a brighter, more modern feel, and a darker stone makes for a rustic feel. The cost of the stone combined with the expert installation we recommend equals a fairly high priced decorative wall. But it will last for a long time. It’s a classic get-what-you-pay-for situation.

3D Panels

If you’re going for an ultra-modern or high-end look, 3D panels might be the easiest and cost-efficient option. Often in mural form, they feature geometric shapes, wavy embossed lines, and funky patterns inspired by the custom art walls featured in multi-million dollar mansions.

As cool as some of these panels look, they’re super specific. And because of their mostly white and gray surfaces, they’re not good for families with young children.

Kid Space

Speaking of kids, if your finished basement is basically a playroom, why not give them a surface to be creative? Whiteboard and chalkboard panels, as well as wallpaper you can write on, encourage creativity and give your kids an outlet to draw on something other than the furniture. You can also turn your decorative wall into a play area with a fairytale or spaceship-themed wallpaper mural. Life-size Disney and other cartoon characters are also available.


A decorative wall is just one detail that help turn a dull basement into a great place to hang out. When you’re ready to expand your useable space and you live in the Kansas City area, contact Empire Remodeling to schedule a free estimate.

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