Six Built-in Shelving Ideas for your Basement


Outside of a great place to hang out and host parties, basements are a great place for storage. Built-in shelves are both practical and a way to add style to your living space. Here are five popular options designed to look great and keep your basement uncluttered.

basement shelving ideas

Built-in bookcase style
Let’s start with the basics. A built-in bookcase is probably the most common way to add permanent storage, usually flanking a TV or projector screen. Sure, you can use them for books, but it’s also fun to mix different items that reflect the hobbies and interests of your family. A white or brightly painted built-in bookshelf can open up the room. Darker paint or a wood finish can be good for a man cave or rec room. Often people install cabinets underneath to conceal electronics or other items you don’t want exposed.

Glass cabinets
The close cousin of the built-in bookshelf, glass cabinets are perfect for those who have valuable collectibles you want to protect from rowdy children or things you want to protect from dust and shifts in temperature.

This is great for a wall opposite or perpendicular to your entertainment center. You can place a single shelf over a piece of furniture or stack several along the same wall. These are often used by people who want to display sizable collections of figurines or books, as well as longer pieces that don’t fit within the confines of a bookshelf. These are great if you use part of your basement for a home gym as they can hold a ton of fitness equipment.

Floating shelves offer a clean, modern look, but they also serve a practical purpose. Instead of covering an entire wall, floating shelves can be spaced out, giving your basement a more open feel. They’re versatile, too. Use them for practical things like books and lamps, or something fun like sports memorabilia. Materials vary from basic wood to fiberglass and stainless steel.

Under the stairs
If the back of your staircase is accessible, consider some built-in shelves. First, it’s out of site, so you can use it for cleaning supplies, sports equipment, or other things you don’t want to put on display. This is also a great place for toys. They’re low enough for kids to access, and they keep them out of the way.

Corner shelving
Although corner built-ins don’t give you much space, they can add a lot of style to your basement. Common items placed on this type of shelving include trophies, collectibles, and small pieces of art. Think of this as an aesthetic upgrade, not a practical storage option. They come in a variety of designs including tiered and floating.

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