Six Mistakes to Avoid While Remodeling Your Bathroom


So you want to remodel your bathroom. That’s great. Now’s your chance to create your dream design. But before you fantasize about bathtubs and tile patterns, take time to think about the details. Sure, you want to make your bathroom beautiful, but you also want to make it practical.

Here are six mistakes to avoid when remodeling your bathroom.

Poorly Laid Out Shower
Traditionally, shower handles are located directly below the shower head. Why? To turn on the shower, you have to choose between getting wet or contorting in an awkward position. It may seem unorthodox, but consider installing the shower handle on a wall opposite the shower head. If you choose this design option, consider a handle with a striking design.

For the water itself, a hand shower head is a great idea. Not only is it convenient for showering; it helps a lot with cleaning. Imagine how much easier that will be when you have something to spray the walls.

Not Enough Storage
While a minimalist layout may be aesthetically appealing, a bathroom without drawers or shelving isn’t practical. If you don’t want towels and washcloths exposed, a small closet is a must.

But the biggest issue in a bathroom is storage for toothbrushes, grooming products, and other toiletries. Though it may seem like something from Grandma’s house, think about going old school with a medicine cabinet. The retro charm is fun, and it’s a simple way to hide toiletries and prescriptions.

Instead of nixing bathroom drawers altogether, choose a stylish bathroom vanity. There are plenty of options at every price level that don’t involve big clunky drawers.

The bottom line here: Don’t skimp on storage because of design. Make it work.

Poor Lighting Design
There aren’t too many ways to improve on bathroom overhead lighting, but there’s a lot you can do with the lighting around your vanity. Mirrors framed with a dimmable LED light not only looks stylish and futuristic, but they’re super practical as well. Once a luxury feature, they’re now surprisingly affordable.

And if you insist on an overhead light above the vanity, include side lighting or sconces to minimize shadows.

Over the years, wallpaper has waxed and waned in popularity. These days, it’s popular as a feature wall accent in living rooms and basements. So should you use wallpaper in a bathroom? Yes, and no.

If you’re designing a half bathroom or powder room, wallpaper, especially a retro-inspired pattern, is an entertaining option. But for a full bathroom with a shower that gets used regularly, wallpaper isn’t great. It can peel and wrinkle over time and is more likely to become outdated.

Not caring about towel racks or hooks
We’ve all been in these types of bathrooms — the shower is nice, the sink is nice, and the towel hooks and racks are cheap and/or poorly placed. We often think of the big pieces in a room without considering the small things that actually make the space functional.

When designing your bathroom, take time to plan hooks and towel racks. Think about where a person getting out of the shower or drying their hands might find them convenient. With planning, you can make them look great, too.

Bathroom Remodeling Olathe led bathroom mirror Empire Remodeling Kansas City An LED mirror is both stylish and practical.

Not enough counter space
This last one seems obvious, but this mistake happens all the time. Here’s why:

A person doesn’t have much room for a vanity, but they want an upgraded sink, sacrificing counter space. The design overtakes practicality, which is fine until there’s no place to set shaving cream or mouthwash after the bathroom is done. Couples also do this by squeezing a double sink vanity into a space that fits one.

So, pick a sink or sinks that give you at least a little counter space even if it’s a guest bathroom. 

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